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      ​The Kitchen Sink – a choice of materials

      Find your perfect look:

      • Stainless Steel – classic elegance with real practical benefits. Very hygienic and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.
      • Fragranite – beautiful durability that resists heat damage and prevents bacterial growth.
      • Ceramic – harder than metal, scratch-resistant and super hygienic.
      • Tectonite – an exciting and unique material. Perfect for a minimalist look and available in a range of designs and colours.


      Kitchen Sinks | Inset Sink

      Inset sinks are installed from above into a pre-prepared hole in your worktop, which can be laminate, wood or solid surface. Your inset sink can be a stainless steel sink, granite sink, ceramic sink or synthetic sink.

      It gives you the widest range of kitchen sink shapes, sizes and styles to choose from, so you can be sure that there is an inset style sink to suit your kitchen.


      Kitchen Sinks | Undermount Sink

      An undermount sink can be fitted beneath granite, wood or solid surface worktops, allowing for smooth, uninterrupted surfaces. An undermount sink gives an edgeless finish that is perfectly integrated into your kitchen whilst being easy to clean.


      Kitchen Sinks | Belfast Sink

      A Belfast sink sits on top of base units, with a solid surface worktop. They can fit in beautifully with any classic kitchen design that you choose.


      Kitchen sink details that make the difference

      Little things that make every day more wonderful:

      • Advanced Waste Systems – superb quality in every detail, from the stainless steel basket strainer to low-profile waste kits that free up extra cupboard space.
      • Deeper stainless steel bowls – giving you extra space without compromising their strength.
      • Heat & sound insulation – not only reducing the sound of water running into the bowl but also keeping water warmer for longer.
      • Push-button pop up waste – a smart, simple way to empty the bowl. No need to put your hands into a sink full of dirty water. 

      Kitchen taps designed to the finest standards

      The tap is one of the most constantly used items in your kitchen. So we place huge importance on creating products that stand the test of time and make your kitchen a more wonderful place to cook and entertain.

      Kitchen Mixer Taps with a difference: Pull-Out Nozzle & Spray taps for amazing flexibility

      So easy to use. Control the temperature and flow of water effortlessly and precisely with one hand.

      • Kitchen mixer taps with a Pull-Out Nozzle, the spout is connected to a hose you can pull out to where you need your water flow. Ideal for washing salads as well as filling pots.
      • Kitchen taps with a Pull-Out Spray also switches between standard flow and spray function for extra versatility.
      • Kitchen mixer taps with a combination of Side Spray and main tap offers you even more options for your day-to-day kitchen tasks.


      ​Kitchen Taps in distinctive colours

      Or why not make it monochrome with the Maris Free? 

      Be bold, choose black and embrace the timeless monochrome trend with the magnificent Maris Free Swivel tap in a distinctive Matt Black or SilkSteel PVD finish.

      The Maris Free features a distinctive textured spout that echoes water’s ever shifting shape. While the integral perlator mixes air into the flow, giving it a champagne-like quality. Created by New York based designer Dror Benshetrit, the Maris Free Swivel’s sculptural appearance adds a touch of art into the everyday.


      Filtered Water Taps

      Looking for kitchen mixer taps with water filter? The ultimate in safe, fresh filtration. Choose from the Franke range of Vital Capsule Filter Taps or FilterFlow taps for instant filtered water.

      No more cumbersome, expensive bottled water, and the peace of mind of knowing your family’s drinking water is clean, refreshing and free of impurities.


      ​Omni 4-in-1 Taps

      Looking for a hot water tap and a water filter tap? Omni is the world’s first mechanical 4-in-1 kitchen mixer tap, offering filtered boiling and filtered cold water, as well as the usual mains hot and cold. It’s easy to fit in new or existing kitchens, safe to use and ultra-reliable with a 3-year warranty. Omni works beautifully with existing plumbing to revolutionise the way you use your kitchen.