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      Create Your Dream Kitchen

      With these 7 easy steps

      Buying a new kitchen is an exciting time and there are lots of ways to be inspired. Follow our handy tips to help create your dream kitchen.

      Creating your dream kitchen style can seem daunting to begin with; you’ve looked at magazines, pinned your pins on Pinterest, saved posts on Instagram, and you’re still not sure where to start. This is we’re we come in, Kitchens By Design are experts in fitted kitchens and with our network of kitchen stockists throughout the UK, we’ve come up with this handy list to get you started.

      1. Find the look that inspires you the most, and makes you say “yes, that’s what I want”

      We know that inspiration is everywhere so start by browsing the internet on inspiration sites like Pinterest and create a mood board, or check out kitchen magazines which are packed full of the latest trends and styles. 

      2. Create a wish list

      Think about what you would like in your kitchen and create a list. Include everything from storage space, to items that will help you cook or entertain. Think about what you have at the moment, and what would make your life easier. What about larder units, wirework options, lighting and your preferred appliances? Are you keeping existing appliances, or upgrading to all new, or a mix of both? Have you thought about a boiling hot water tap? What about tiling and splashback options? If you start creating a wish list now, it’s easier to see what is the most important to you, and what would be a “nice to have”.

      Kitchens By Design will work with you to plan your design.

      3. Work with a designer you trust to plan your kitchen design

      Give some thought to the designs you have seen and what you like by considering the size of your kitchen; Although kitchen islands are great, do you actually have room for one? What about how you use your kitchen, have you considered the working triangle, make sure your designer explains what this is? Your designer will be able to work with you to create your dream kitchen style and will be able to show you in 3D as well, giving you an accurate representation of what your finished kitchen would like like.

      How do you use your kitchen? Do you cook and socialise?

      4. Your dream kitchen style should suit your lifestyle

      Your new kitchen should accurately reflect your lifestyle so make sure you think about who uses the space and for what purpose. Do you need somewhere for the kids to sit and do their homework while you cook dinner? What about socialising with friends? Open plan living kitchens pair perfectly with entertaining, but think about where you will hide the mess away from your guests. What about your cooking style? Do you prefer something quick and easy, like Chinese food, or do you prefer something with more home comforts, like an afternoon spent baking? The type of kitchen you choose will reflect this. 

      Don’t underestimate the power of storage

      5. You can never have too much storage.

      Storage is important; whether you want somewhere to hide everything away or you love the idea of open shelves to display all your favourite glassware, don’t underestimate the appeal of storage in your kitchen. Are you a large family which requires a lot of space for those important gadgets and devices? Do you like to bake and need room for utensils and mixers? Kitchens By Design showcases lots of different options in their showroom and can wow you with a cranked larder, or a Le Mans corner storage unit.


      6. Finishing touches can make all the difference.

      When we say finishing touches we mean it as a catch all term for items such as worktops, handles, flooring, lighting and other accessories. These can make all the difference to how your finished kitchen looks. These small details will bring your dream kitchen style to life. The finishing touches to any kitchen can compliment your chosen style, for example if you have an ultra modern kitchen style, then you probably don’t want a fussy old-fashioned kitchen handle. Have a look at the choices on display in our showroom, and ask the advice of your kitchen designer. They have specialist knowledge and will be able to make recommendations based on your preferences and the kind of things they think you will like. Don’t be afraid to make bold choices as this is your kitchen style, it is you who has to love the space. Things like handles can be changed more regularly to update the overall look.

      7. Talk to us.

      Our kitchen designers are experts, they have a wealth of knowledge that you can draw on when starting your new project. Discuss your options and let them know what you are hoping for so they can bring your dream kitchen style to life.

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