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      It’s never been easier to lock in freshness to create sumptuous dishes. Our fridges give you more flexibility to preserve nutrients. Choose between FreshSafe 1, 2, and 3 and keep fruit and vegetables, meat and cheese fresher for longer with sophisticated temperature control. Plus, handy pull-out drawers and variable shelves combined with LED lights help you organise everything effortlessly.

      Freshsafe 1 Preservation Drawer

      Designed for frequent shoppers and salad lovers

      Designed to keep salad items, leafy herbs and fruit at their peak for longer, our convenient vegetable drawer helps to extend the life of your favourite greens.

      Ideal for: salads and herbs


      A little extra preservation for those weekly shoppers

      Preserving food for up to twice as long, FreshSafe 2 is designed with busy family life in mind. Nutritious fruit and vegetables are always at hand and vibrancy and texture is maintained.

      Ideal for: salads, herbs and fresh fruit and vegetables


      Our most optimum preservation system

      FreshSafe 3 keeps food fresh for up to three times as long. Perfect for delicate fruits and herbs such as berries, avocados and leafy greens, your favourite fruits and vegetables are kept beautifully plump and vibrant. FreshSafe 3 is also ideal for fish and meat, and, like all of our FreshSafe systems, there’s the option for high or low humidity levels.

      Ideal for: Meat, fish and dairy produce

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