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      Kitchens By Design Hull

      Cooking inspires people, and people inspire us.

      This is the basic principle behind everything we do at Kitchens By Design in Hull. So, let nothing get in the way of your cooking ideas. Our innovative products from NEFF & Seimens help you to prepare mouthwatering food – whether it’s a four-course dinner or a dessert you just can’t get enough of – our kitchens will be  equipped for every dish.


      Induction Hobs

      Fast and flexible

      Are you fond of exploring new and untried recipes and tastes? Our range of induction hobs lets you indulge each and every second of the cooking experience. Our FlexInduction hobs allow you to move your cookware freely around on the hob. The pots are automatically detected and heat applied where it’s needed. But there’s more to our hobs to guide you to a tasty result. Take the TwistPadFire® which puts heat at your fingertips. A simple rotating motion with your index finger allows you to set the temperature.

      Ceramic Hobs

      For every form of passion

      With their frameless design, our Ceramic hobs standout in any kitchen, and a whole range of options with up to 17 power settings makes preparing the next feast as easy as pie. And as cooking is all about creativity and individual taste, our expandable zone cater for pots and pans in all shapes and forms. Better still, our enhanced touch control panel provides full flexibility over your cooking.

      Gas Hobs

      Ingenious flames

      For some cooks, there’s nothing like preparing meals with flames. Our gas hob range provides you with the tool you need, no matter if you want stir-fry or slow-cook. Our 9-level FlameSelect® allows you to adjust the flame just like on an electric hob, making cooking even easier. With a range of sizes available, our hobs are ready for almost any kind of pot you can think of. Like Asia style? With our Dual Wok you have two flame rings stacked on top of each other – an ingenuous idea to adjust two flames for one delicious task.


      Single Ovens

      Versatile kitchen companions

      If you need an appliance that complements your cooking style, look no further than our single ovens range. They come with innovations like our unique CircoTherm® hot air system, which lets you bake and roast dishes on up to 4 levels simultaneously and everything will come out tasting like it’s supposed to. Looking for expand your knowledge and experience a different taste – choose between Vario Steam or Full Steam, and enjoy the advantages of steam cooking. After you’re done, the oven will take care of the cleaning with the Pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle: after activating it, you just have to wipe away minimal residue.

      Compact Ovens

      Seamless coordination

      Offering additional cavity space and a host of innovative features, our compact ovens are designed to sit seamlessly with our full size Premium Collection single ovens. With CircoTherm® available as standard, multiple dishes can be cooked simultaneously without any intermingling of flavours – perfect when you’re cooking for friends and family. Prefer a cooking station that’s all your own? Combine with our warming drawers to create the ultimate appliance wall.

      Double Ovens

      Double the space, double the cooking

      Looking for cavity space to fit your creative ideas in the kitchen? Our Double Ovens let you do just that. And, of course, they come equipped with all the innovative features you would expect from a NEFF oven, including CircoTherm® hot-air system, ComfortFlexRails and Pyrolytic self-cleaning on selected models. Simple to use and now with an even more premium look, our double ovens are an ideal choice for busy households and budding cooks.


      Built-in Microwaves

      Delicious results in rapid time

      When time is of the essence, our microwaves are a great way to introduce convenience into your kitchen. Depending on your chosen model, you’ll enjoy handy automatic programmes that suggest ideal cooking times, a full-touch TFT display, or a Memory Function that allows you to select your favourite settings with just one touch of a button. Selected microwaves also feature a grill, so you can finish off your comforting lasagne with a layer of beautifully golden cheese.

      Microwave Technology

      Our different compact ranges offer you unlimited possibilities to suit your individual cooking style. Different compact appliances use microwaves in different ways and depending on the model will use different technology to create them. Click below for more information on the different microwave technology so that you can ensure you are selecting the perfect appliance for you.

      Microwave Accessories

      Quick and convenient

      If you opt for an oven with integrated microwave, there are plenty of accessories that help you make the most of the combined functions. Such as special wire shelves designed for baking and roasting, a pizza tray, or a 5.4 litre glass casserole dish, suitable for both oven and microwave. To keep your appliance in great shape for years to come, you’ll also find specific cleaning products and replacement filters to make more light work of cooking with your microwave.

      Steam Ovens

      Steam Ovens

      Just add water

      If texture is important to you when cooking, our Vario Steam ovens help you cook it just right. By adding the desired amount of moisture at three different intensity levels, you can bake, roast or reheat your dishes and always deliver succulent yet crisp results which are bursting with flavour.

      If you want to extend your cooking adventure with steam for nutritious and flavoursome meals, but also love all the heating modes of a full-featured oven, you’ll enjoy our Full Steam ovens. They are easy to operate, with a simple-to-refill concealed 1-litre water container, and are as stunning as the rest of our Slide&Hide® oven range.

      Compact Steam Ovens

      Versatile design, beautiful results

      Our Compact Steam Ovens are not only a healthier way to cook your favourite ingredients, they’re an invitation to get creative and to unlock flavours you’ve never experienced at home. Steaming allows you to serve tender and juicy meat, beautifully crunchy vegetables or elegantly flavourful fish. You can even experiment with desserts and rice dishes.

      The 18 inch appliance fits neatly into your cabinetry around your conventional oven or other NEFF appliances. It’s simple to operate, with several automatic programmes to suit a wide range of dishes. These can be selected via the stylish TFT display.

      Steam Accessories

      100% made for made for steam

      If you want to perfect your steam cooking, take a look at our accessories. There’s a long list of cooking containers and trays to inspire you, all designed to unlock the flavour of your culinary adventures. There are perforated containers in various sizes that allow steam to circulate freely, or enamel pans, to suit your favourite oven. You’ll also find practical cleaning and care products to keep your appliance in great shape.